Celtic Crusaders v London Skolars (NL2)
Friday 14th April 2006

Michael Ryan on the charge.
Ref: Cru_Lon 1

Jase Van Dijk(left) and Shawn van Rensburg.
Ref:Cru_Lon 2

Damien Quinn(left) and Michael Ryan get stuck in.
Ref: Cru_Lon 3

Shawn Van Rensburg and Andy Llewellyn.
Ref: Cru_Lon 4

Karl Hocking gets a four pointer.
Ref: Cru_Lon 5

Jase Van Dijk assists at a tackle.
Ref:Cru_Lon 6

Tony Duggan dabs down between the stcks.
Ref:Cru_Lon 7

Damien Quinn has a clear run to the try line.
Ref: Cru_Lon 8
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